Lifting Winter PACK (45+)

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Our best-selling anti aging skin care, Celeste line was created as an active helper for the rejuvenation of mature (over 45) and tired skin.

The kit covers all the essential steps of the beauty ritual for skin in need of actively fighting the signs of ageing with a natural, organic alternative to botox, but with the same effectiveness. The protocol includes the Celeste Lifting Winter Cream intended to use on extremely dehydrated skin

At the purchase of the entire protocol, we offer you the body cream as a gift.

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Complete protocol of the Céleste range

A natural alternative to botox, with the same effectiveness, but no side effects, the Céleste range is made to help rejuvenate mature (over 45 years old) and tired skin. The Céleste care protocol has been formulated to provide deep moisturizing and a visible lifting effect.

The active ingredients in Céleste skin care products reduce the size and depth of wrinkles, plump the skin from the inside by strengthening the skin’s own structure, and relax the contraction of fine muscles to delay ageing.

Steps to follow
1. Cleaning

Purpose – To prepare your skin to be fully receptive to the next treatment. It is important to clean your skin every day to remove impurities, but in a gentle way, in order to respect its balance and protect the natural layer of sebum which plays an essential role in protection. We added active ingredients in our makeup remover so it has not only a functional role, but also to start the skin care process from the first step.

Product to useCéleste Cleansing MilkQuick view

When – Cleansing should always be the first step in your beauty ritual, especially at the end of the day, even if you didn’t use make-up. If your skin is properly cleansed in the evening, you can skip this step in the morning skin care session.

How – The best way to do it is in the shower. Put a dollop of Céleste Cleansing Milk in palms and gently massage your wet face and neck, then rinse generously with clear water. You can repeat the process if you wear heavy silicone make-up. Finish with drying your skin by gently patting it with a clean cotton cloth or fine tissue.

2. In-depth cleaning

Purpose – To help the exfoliation process of your skin in order to accelerate the regeneration process and prepare the skin to be fully receptive to the regular treatment or an occasional one. Céleste Scrub will gently remove dead cells and surface impurities without affecting the skin’s natural protective thin layer. As with all of our products, we added active ingredients in this one too, for a multifunctional approach. This step is meant to accelerate cell renewal and moisturize while refining the skin surface and preparing it for other layers of care.

Product to useCéleste Gentle ScrubQuick view

When – This step should be used only occasionally as part of the ritual care, ideally once a month and not more than 2 times per month

How – Wet your face, then put a dollop of Céleste Gentle Exfoliating Scrub on palm and gently massage your face for approximately 2 minutes insisting on the oily areas, neck, and neckline. Rinse with clear water and dry by gently patting with a clean cotton cloth or a soft tissue.

3. Toning

Purpose – This step helps close pores and tighten cell gaps after cleansing, reducing the penetration of impurities and environmental contaminants into the skin. While protecting and removing chlorine and minerals present in tap water, our toner also acts like a moisturizer, boosting the cells in order to receive the next layers of care and intensify their effects.

Product to useCéleste Tonic LotionQuick view

When – In the morning, before applying Céleste Lifting Cream and in the evening, before Céleste Lifting Serum.

How – Place 2-3 drops of Céleste Toner Lotion into palms and apply on the face, neck, and neckline, gently massaging until the whole surface is treated.

4. Lifting boost

Purpose – To rejuvenate aged skin with an instant lifting effect by strengthening skin’s own structure and reducing the length and depth of wrinkles. Its moisturizing and smoothing power is reinforced by the application of Céleste Lifting Cream.

Product to useCéleste Lifting SerumQuick view

When – As sebum production is more intense during the night, the best time to apply a serum is in the evening. If the skin is severely affected by age, apply in the morning as well, before Céleste Cream.

How – Put a drop or two of Céleste Serum on fingertips and spread onto face, neck, and neckline. To obtain a better result, wait for it to penetrate the skin before going to the next step.

5. Emolliation

Purpose – This step serves to actively fight against ageing by reducing wrinkles, toning the skin, and illuminating your face. The emollient action of the cream protects the skin against free radicals and daily aggressions. The active ingredients penetrate quickly and provide hydration, leaving skin supple and soft without leaving any oily residue.

Product to useCéleste Lifting CreamQuick view or Céleste Lifting Winter CreamQuick view

When – We firmly believe that using Céleste Lifting Cream in the morning is sufficient if it is applied daily. In order to let the skin maintain and subsequently perform its natural process of sebum production, it is not necessary to apply cream in the evening. That way, the skin breathes freely during the resting period and the production of sebum is not inhibited. (An application of Céleste Lifting Serum is perfectly sufficient in the evening for most skin types. Its waterless formula and its active ingredients deeply penetrate the skin and do not obstruct the pores.) However, for severely dehydrated skin or skin affected by old age, a twice a day application of the Céleste Lifting Cream could be necessary. To find out if that is the case, start with applying the cream once a day for one week, observe the results and then progress to two applications per day if you feel that your skin requests more.

For severely dehydrated skin, we have formulated the Winter version of Céleste Lifting Cream, intended to be used on skin with “winter-like” behaviour. It brings an extra emollient effect and it is particularly recommended for when the natural production of sebum has stopped or is very low. To identify correctly the soothing needs of your skin, start by using Céleste Lifting Cream and observe the effects. If the skin feels dry after two hours or less from application, it might be a sign that Céleste Lifting Cream Winter might be needed.

How – One pump press releases the dose of Céleste Lifting Cream that we think is sufficient to spread on the face, neck, and neckline. Gently massage from downwards to upwards until absorption is completed.


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