In DermoPlant’s world, Man and Nature are one and their mutual dependence is more than obvious and scientifically proven. The human body is literally “born from the Earth” containing 26 elements of the 92 identified in the earth crust. Such as the Earth, the human being stems from the Universe.

Nature is logic!


Since childhood I have been fascinated by plants and their virtues. My grandmother was already using plants and “alternative” medication to cure our little aches. My brother on the other hand has chosen the path of traditional medicine.

To the human body plants represent not only the daily food but also the appropriate medication to fight external and genetic agents in the struggle against premature or genetic ageing.

While my research broadened I made a disturbing observation with respect to the health and well-being of certain users of cosmetic products: the common utilization of chemical technologies aimed at replacing natural products. The purpose? Reduce the cost of the finished good without taking into consideration certain undesired effects and moreover their noxiousness to our organs. The products claim a false “natural” given the presence of pesticides, GMOs or intensive cultivation!

Therefore I decided to create DermoPlant and to develop organic cosmetic products focused on natural and eco-biological active ingredients with transparency in terms of their content levels in the formulations and their use for consumers. »

Roxana Béraud,  founder and CEO of DermoPlant


DermoPlant’s mission lies on three values.

  1. respect for man and the human body,
  2. respect for earth and nature,
  3. respect for consumption.

These three values sustain the development of DermoPlant’s products and product range..

A business on a human scale in France, in the Alps, DermoPlant protects human and environmental values by encouraging a responsible consumption.

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