The benefits of nature for your health and well-being

DermoPlant’s cosmetic products are designed for daily use: everyday products and/or skin care products.  Moisturizing, nourishing and allergen free, they are suitable to the most sensitive skin.  The formulations are created by DermoPlant in partnership with our Laboratoire N&B and are comprised of vegetal origin, natural, biological and Eco certified ingredients, carefully selected from fair trade sources.


0% parabens, phthalates, petro-chemical oils, paraffin, silicones, alcohol-content perfumes, PEG, SLSs, GMOs, ingredients of animal origin.


The DermoPlant biological cosmetics have a maximum content of active oils, hyaluronic acid (strong natural moisturizer), proteins (peptides, patented vegetal oligopeptides), oligo-elements and vitamins.

▪    A minimum of 9 active ingredients per product are to be found in the formulations

▪    Luxury cosmetic products with fast results and long lasting effects

▪    Unique products and formulas developed by our Research and Development laboratory, which grows part of DermoPlant’s active biological ingredients such as the aloe vera, wheat germ, apricot trees, olive trees, lavender and rosemary.

Toxicity (content of allergens), dermatology (moisturizing, elasticity and deep and superficial wrinkles) and ophthalmology (eye stinging) tests carried out confirm the high quality of the Céleste products.

The products are tested by volunteers under supervised conditions; the percentage of volunteers is in compliance and meeting allegations; not tested on animals.


Discover the DermoPlant Celeste range of products and the Health & Well-being benefits of each product